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What I do now: I promote and connect sustainable lifestyles, jobs and startups. I do this through my sustainable lifestyles blog “Faktor N” (1.000+ subscribers), sustainable jobs site “NachhaltigeJobs” (1.500+ members) and this sustainable startups blog “Impact Startups” (kicked off in September 2012).

Background: Growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia I visited the German school there. I moved to Germany at the age of 19, I studied electrical engineering and had several part time jobs including as a software engineer at a robotics research lab, a business consulting company and as a technology analyst at the ventures & strategy department of a renewable energy company.

The last 6 years I worked as a consultant / researcher in the Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), which was founded by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy. I’m still doing this part time as an company-internal consultant, focusing mostly on sustainable products and services in retail and corporate responsibility in general. Every now and then I’d do a Science Slam (a poetry slam for scientists), talking about renewable energy storage and came in 4th in the 2011 German championship.

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You can contact me by writing an email to oliver.adria@faktorn.de or just add me on Facebook.

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