Are you too busy acting like a startup to actually work on your startup?

I’ve been to several conferences and workshops lately and what I’ve realized is, that there are a select few, who I meet in every event! They are pitching ideas and concepts everywhere, they might even have a project which they’re sort of working on. But I wonder, how do these people find the time to develop a great product? If you’re a salesman for a company, I totally get why you should be hanging around at these conferences. But if you’re an entrepreneur trying to develop something – then why are you jumping from one city to the next, promoting ideas and concepts, instead of working on making the product better? Well, I wrote a bit more on this in the new European Entrepreneurs Blog whiteboard.

Many [entrepreneurs] were working on their projects a lot, some were starting a startup part-time while still working at another company (like moi). But there was an interesting group of people that I also started to notice. I don’t know if there’s a name for it – but I would see them a lot on the different social media channels posting information on different events they are at and their travels to different startup happenings. Most of these events are awesome and I’d really to be there as well – but at the same time, I’m also working on making my product really awesome. So I wonder: How do they find the time to work on their product when they’re travelling all around the continent (or beyond), listening to people give speeches, visiting workshops and travelling most of the time?

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