“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.” – Herb Kelleher (Quote of the Day)

September 5, 2012

I really like this quote. I think, too often people think about the possible outcomes of different actions and ponder on the possible results, instead of just testing and doing something and then seeing what actually comes out (the bigger a company is, the truer it gets, in my opinion). Many people talk and brainstorm [...]

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An inspirational note from Steve Jobs

September 3, 2012

This is a (to me) very inspirational video from Steve Jobs – it got me thinking a lot. And I think it’s a very profound insight and a good way to kick off the blog. You might disagree with him as a person or a his leadership style, but this short video clip is worth [...]

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Impact Startups Newsletter

July 14, 2012

Impact Startups is a sustainability and startup property, dedicated to showing off startups, entrepreneurs, innovators in the area of sustainability, social impact and breaking sustainability startup news. We’re just starting off, you can sign up for our newsletter here: Subscribe to our free newsletter (shipping starts October 2012 )

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