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To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure where this blog is going to go and what it’s going to be about. I knew I was diving deeper into the startup scene in Cologne (that city in Germany you don’t hear about) and I know I’m passionate about sustainability. Since there is no real online resource for this type of startups – in my opinion, most things focus too strong on the social part and about helping developing countries – so I thought about starting one. By the by, I don’t like that term at all: developing countries, why do we call them developing countries? Developing towards what? Our ‘western’ lifestyles? Our industry? The one that is slowly killing the planet? But I digress…

I want to start a blog for startups. Especially startups doing something with sustainability. My first thought was like a news-source. But already shortly after, I’ve decided: Maybe not. Sure, I can be a news-source for sustainable entrepreneurs and spew out 10 articles a week (or a day). There’s enough stuff out there. And I’d really like to help people. But the more I thought about it, the less I was convinced that this is the way for me.

Sure, it could be that it’s because I’m staring at a computer screen typing into a new blog at 00:35 on a friday night. Or maybe I just realized that I’d rather share experiences and some of my opinions than becoming a news-source. Becoming a news-source is a lot of work. A lot of routine work. I’ve started a couple of websites in Germany focussed on sustainability (one is a news-oriented blog, while the other is a job site), and let me tell you: Handling quantity is a lot of work. More news means more resources means more work. Which means if I want to be good at it, I should get more people on board. Like journalists. And reporters. And editors. But I like to keep it small and lean, just testing out stuff, slowly rolling out a feature after the other. Writing about what I think.

I got into this entrepreneur lifestyle because I want to be more in control. I already have a news(-type) site (though I’m still pretty much running it on my own). I’m just starting a job site that’s slowly getting traction and already making some money. So on Impact Startups I want to share my ideas and opinions along the way. On my way to try to create what I hope are going to be great things. But whether the things are great – that’s for other people to judge.

All I can do is share some ideas and thoughts with you and hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride!

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